Learn how web connected hearing aids are transforming lives


Hearing aid technology is going through a revolution.

Digital hearing aids have been around for a good long while, but thanks to The Internet of Things, the tiny chips housed in these tiny devices are now being put to incredible new uses.


What on earth is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

This is just a term that describes our world which is now connected to the internet in more ways than ever.

We are comfortable with the idea that our computers & smartphone are things which are connected to the internet. In fact, that seems intuitive.

But what about other ‘things’ in your house.

You may be surprised how many internet connected things you already have in your house.

You might have a web connected smart-speaker.

Smart-doorbells are becoming increasingly popular.

Maybe you’ve had a smart meter installed?

These things can help automate things in your house, and when you have the latest digital hearing aid technology, you can program them to interact with things in your house and home.



OK, why would I connect my hearing aids to the internet?

Because the possibilities are endless!

Your hearing aids will help you hear better. That’s a given.

However, smart connected hearing aids however can take your hearing experience to the next level and beyond!

When you set up these hearing aids it goes way beyond simply (for example) streaming your tv or radio directly into your hearing aid.


What are the uses of web connected hearing aids?

As we mentioned, one of the more common uses in your home would be transforming your hearing aids effectively into wireless headphones.

IF you suffer from hearing loss, sitting down with your loved ones to watch the same show can be difficult.

A web connected hearing aid will sort out any arguments, the volume can be set to two different levels – one for you and one for everyone else and you can all watch together with no arguments (about the volume at least!).

We mentioned a smart doorbell earlier. How about when your doorbell is pressed you get a notification in your ear?

Have you missed any deliveries in the past because you haven’t heard the doorbell go off?

What about something more serious. What if your smoke alarm is going off and you can’t hear it?

Well why not program your hearing aids to send you a message when that gets triggered?

There’s loads more that will make a huge impact on your day to day life.

How about getting your hearing aids to use itself to learn as it goes to hear the frequencies of voices and to minify background noise, allowing you to hear more clearly in a group or in places with a lot of background noise.

How about streaming phone calls straight to your ear so you can talk on the phone easier?

How about pre-programming your hearing aids to match your local haunts? You could have a setting for your local café, your local shops, your local pub. When you walk around with your phones GPS settings turned on, the settings will re-adjust when you reach those places.

Ever had a hearing aid battery die on your suddenly? What about creating a setting where you get a text message when your batteries are below a certain charge?

You could even create a setting that turns off your lights when you turn your hearing aids off.

How about kicking your coffee machine into gear when you turn them on in the morning (like a high-tech teasmade!).



What’s the future of web connected hearing aids?

These are of course just examples of just some of the ways web connected hearing aids are improving the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Some of them are bit of fun. Some of them are deadly serious. Some of them will genuinely make your day to day life easier.

This is technology that is in relative infancy. The ideas for how they can be used is literally growing by the day as technology evolves and improves.



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