The Common Signs Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is so gradual you might not even notice it for a while.

Even when it's first noticed, it takes nearly ten years before we do anything about it!

Any of these ring a bell?


Seems Familiar?

Find Out For Sure With A Free Home Hearing Check

If these scenarios are familiar to you, don’t wait any longer before you do something about it. A free hearing test, performed by one of our fully trained and accredited hearing aid audiologists will help you know if you have a problem with your hearing and how it can be helped.

You may see such things as online hearing tests or even apps which do hearing tests but these are (at best) simply indicators that you may have hearing loss.

If you are concerned about your own hearing or the hearing of a loved one you can simply click on the button below to book yourself in for a hearing test at a time and place which is convenient for you.

We operate nationally and we can visit you at your home, so wherever you are in the UK just leave us your details and we will handle the rest: