How Do Hearing Aids Work?

They Are More Than Just Amplifiers!


"Hearing aids just make things louder don't they?"


This is a persistent myth but it's not quite true. 

Let's look in the absolute simplest of terms how sound goes through the stages of a hearing aid. Afterwards we will explain in more detail below just what exactly is going on, how they are much more than amplifiers and most importantly, how the wearing of one will directly improve your quality of life.


Source Of Sound - This could be someone saying hello to you.

The Microphone Picks Up The Sound - Inside your tiny hearing aid is an even tinier microphone.

The Digital Chip Processes The Sound - This is where things get interesting. This microchip converts the soundwave frequencies into binary bits of information. The way the chip works is that it is programmed to match your particular hearing loss. You see, when we talk about hearing loss we think of someone turning the volume down on the world around you, but this isn't really the case.

What actually happens for the vast majority of us who have a natural, age related hearing loss is that a lifetime of hearing means the inner ear gets more worn out when listening to the most common frequencies. 

This means that speech is hard to follow because you can hear some consonants and vowels, but not others.

The whole point of the hearing aid is not to amplify all sound - it is to help you regain the frequencies at which you struggle to hear. This is the job of the digital chip.

The amplifier sends the sound on - the repacked sound is sent through to the inner ear via a receiver.

The brain receives the signal and processes it - Whilst not strictly speaking a part of the hearing aid, it’s the ultimate point of all the previous steps… to help your brain make sense of the sound you are hearing.

Ultimately we hear with our brain. One of the common complaints of a hearing aid is that it can be quite jarring at first.

The reason for this is that you have been gradually, almost imperceptively, losing your hearing over maybe decades. This slow gradual decline has been compensated by your brain but eventually it will get to a stage where you cannot cope alone. This is where a hearing aid comes in.



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