Helping A Loved One With Hearing Loss


What You Can Do To Help

It’s sometimes hard for those you love to face up to the fact that they need help with their hearing and that their hearing isn’t as good as it once used to be.

They might not have noticed or they may be apprehensive about getting their hearing tested or wearing a hearing aid. And they may get angry or be defensive when it’s mentioned that they may have a hearing loss. This is perfectly natural.


Help your loved one identify that they may have a hearing loss

  • Whenever you have to repeat something or translate something for them, gently point it out to them and remind them they could have a hearing loss.
  • Let them know that the television volume is higher than you need it and could be indicative of their hearing loss.
  • Gently let them know that you are speaking clearly and that others can hear and understand you.
  • Discreetly speak with them if you notice they are withdrawing from group conversations or missing out on family get togethers because they can’t hear what is being said.


You Can Make A Difference

More than 40% of people aged 50 or over suffer with some form of hearing loss and at age 70, this rises to 71%. Let your loved one know that not only is hearing loss very common but also very easy and beneficial to remedy.

And what’s more, it doesn’t just affect the person who has it. It also affects you, your family, their partner and friends. It can be emotionally draining and frustrating having to repeat things over and over and having to make changes to the way and frequency with which you communicate to accommodate the person with hearing loss.

It can also be potentially dangerous if they can’t hear warning sounds, alarms or the voices of dependents. Convincing someone to seek help for hearing loss isn’t always easy but is the right thing to do.


Getting A Professional Hearing Check Is FREE

Encourage your loved one to book a free hearing test with one of our fully qualified and accredited hearing aid audiologists. They don’t even have to leave the comfort of their home to do it – we’ll come to you at a time convenient to you, and we actively encourage you or another family member or friend to be there with them for the hearing test.

We appreciate if your loved one is hard of hearing, using the phone can be difficult. So if you prefer, we can arrange a hearing test for a loved one with you instead as long as you have their consent.

Book your free home hearing test online and find out more.

Any Other Questions?

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